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Embrace Wellness with Self Care

Welcome to Yssential Needs, where we focus on holistic wellness for your mind, body, social, and spirit. We believe in the power of Upselfing and self-care to help you improve your overall wellbeing and live your best life.

Our commitment to wellness is grounded in the belief that every individual’s health is important. We recognize that there are many factors that affect a person’s wellbeing, including their physical health, mental health, social support, and spiritual beliefs. At Yssential Needs, we offer a wide range of products designed to address each of these areas. 

Our motivation to pursue our advocacy deeply forged our commitment to promote awareness that all of us deserve. A 'Me' time indulge for SELF-CARE - a short time to rest, reflect, renew and recharge. We believe that we cannot live well, think well, love well, sleep well, if we have not SELF-LOVED well. It's in this peaceful moment, reconnecting with our inner-being that we fill our cup. If our cup is full, the more we can pour to others. 

We are GRATEFUL to share our experience with you. Help us create a sacred ripple effect one touch at a time.

Invest in Your Well-Being Today

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