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Behind our brand's names are deeper meanings that speaks of our WHYs. 

We refer our Yssential Needs to one's holistic being - Mind, Body, Social and Spiritual.

Every single product that we offer in our shop are thoughtfully designed to be a part of one's holistic journey.

  >> [Body] The Slim Firm - Imported from Philippines, US FDA approved products to cleanse our gut and remove toxins

  >> [Mind] Maswelu Touch - Aromatherapy pillows designed not just to alleviate physical pain but calms mind and body.  

  >> [Spirit] Oiler's Hub - Pure essential oil-based products curated to uplift our frequency

  >> [Social] Our Daily Brew - Philippine grown single-origin coffee / special curated tea (Soon) 

Our aspiration to pursue our advocacy deeply forged our commitment to promote awareness that all of us deserve a 'Me' time and indulge for SELF-CARE - a short time to rest, reflect and meditateBe it after a long day of work or just some time to ground ourselves and have that much needed calmness, peace and relaxation for us to recharge. 

We believe that we cannot live well, think well, love well, sleep well, if we have not SELF-LOVED well. It's in this peaceful moment, with our holistic wellness products, relaxing our mind and body that we fill our cup - recharge ourselves.


If our cup is full, the more we can pour to others. 

We are GRATEFUL sharing our experience with you. Help us create a sacred ripple effect one touch at a time.

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