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Maswelu Touch is a well-being house brand of Yssential Needs.

To manage pain and stress today, there are medications, heat therapy, therapeutic massages, and more that we can choose from, but what do we value more? Benefits, Price, Location? When you want to relax, unwind, and get a little stress relief from the day in the comfort of your home, our aromatherapy pillows and wraps are the ideal solution. They will drift you off to a different experience in no time and feeling refreshed and invigorated. Each piece is specifically designed to relieve the affected area with pain and soreness. It can also be used after workouts and long work days.

​​RELIEVES MUSCLE PAIN AND CRAMPS: Combines the healing powers of aromatherapy, hot and cold therapy,

and a comforting weight to soothe those plaguing muscle pains and soreness;


VERSATILE, FULL-BODY COMFORT: Can be used wherever your cramps or muscle pains are located.


STRESS AND OTHER BENEFITS: Potent stress reducer and relaxation tool. Promotes good sleep

and improve blood circulation.

Composed of a combination of organic grains in organic cotton and premium linen fabric, our pillows are flexible and also aids in sleeping concerns because of the lavender flower packed in each Maswelu inserts. 

The best time you can give yourself!

A short yet worth time of relaxation with warm soothing heat radiating on the affected area.

Slowly you will feel lighter. Put around head or shoulder area and you’ll feel certain calmness too. 

For best experience, use our body or neck wraps.



With the new ways of working and with limited option for massages and relaxation tool,
let us gift our family, friends, colleague or employees
an expression of our love and concern for their well-being.
Gift them an easy access to manage pain and stress at the comfort of their home. 

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