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Meditation Gift Set

Meditation Gift Set

$35.00 Regular Price
$27.50Sale Price

Gift Set Includes:

Head and Eye Pillow / Sulyap

Pillow Spray (30ml)

  • Head and Eye Pillow - Our eye pillows are also ideal for massage therapists and meditation instructors to use with their clients. This lavender eye pillow can be used as a yoga prop to support meditation. It blocks out ambient light that aids relaxation. The weighted flax seed mask gently applies pressure ending the session feeling perfectly restored.

    Pillow Spray - Perfectly goes with the Head and Eye pillow for additional Calming and Sweet scent of Cedarwood, Lavender and Orange

    After a long day's work, as you enter your room, pause for a 3-5 minutes meditation by lying still, placing the pillow or eye mask in your head. Free your thoughts and repeat several times, the way out - I am at Relaxed. I am Calm. 

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