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Stickers Guideline - Premium Vinyl Sticker

  1. Yes! Our price is per piece. Each sticker is customised and made to order with premium vinyl.

  2. When you purchase a sticker we will give you a link on the video tutorial on how to place it in your bottles. 

    • If you wish us to stick it for you - we require a minimum of 5 stickers purchase. Email us with your order number as title and let us know your instructions. e.g. ​10ml amber bottle - "breathe"

  3. Each stickers will come with a transfer paper. Please note that we only give 2:1 transfer paper. Meaning 2 stickers will have 1 transfer paper. Do note that each transfer paper can be used multiple times :) Approximately 5-7 times. If you order 1 sticker we will still provide transfer paper.

  4. We only have two choices of design : cursive and plain.

    • For both styles the font may vary as we need to find a font that will suite your word. Suite in the sense that we need to find the best fit font wherein it is not too thin not too thick with different considerations such as: (a) if letters are too thin then the vinyl will easily peel off. ​(b) If the word is too long we need to find the thinnest but sturdy font. DO NOT WORRY WE HAVE GOOD TASTE! 

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