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The team behind Yssential Needs - The Oiler's Hub offers products that are curated from the heart and with the deepest intention of sharing what works for us may also help others with similar needs. 

Maswelu Touch - our aromatherapy hot and cold compress head/eye and square mini-pillows and neck/body wraps are made the earth's friendliest materials. We aim to provide the most natural remedies for body pains and aches, muscle stiffness and general comfort. They can also be used as a tool for meditation and yoga. The lavender scent also promote good sleep and relaxation. 

Yssential Needs -  also offers a wide range of roller bottles, containers and base products. We make oil accessories and bottles a beauty that reflects your personality with our creative personalization

Josh&Joe supplies the base carrier oils and massage oil  - always sourcing for the best products from around the world. Our massage oils are from France, Turkey, Spain USA and Australia. We purchase the products from the best source and repack it so it will be affordable for everyone. If you are interested to know the source of the product - please refer to our product label. 

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