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Maswelu Touch Collections

To manage pain and stress today, there are medications, heat therapy, therapeutic massages, and more that we can choose from, but what do we value more? Benefits, Price, Location? When you want to relax, unwind, and get a little stress relief from the day in the comfort of your home, our aromatherapy pillows and wraps are the ideal solution. They will drift you off to a different experience in no time and feeling refreshed and invigorated. Each piece is specifically designed to relieve the affected area with pain and soreness. It can also be used after workouts and long work days.

​​RELIEVES MUSCLE PAIN AND CRAMPS: Combines the healing powers of aromatherapy, hot and cold therapy,

and a comforting weight to soothe those plaguing muscle pains and soreness;


VERSATILE, FULL-BODY COMFORT: Can be used wherever your cramps or muscle pains are located.


STRESS AND OTHER BENEFITS: Potent stress reducer and relaxation tool. Promotes good sleep

and improve blood circulation.

Composed of a combination of organic grains in organic cotton and premium linen fabric, our pillows are flexible and also aids in sleeping concerns because of the lavender flower packed in each Maswelu inserts.

Maswelu Inserts Benefits


Organic Brown Flax Seeds

Heat retention is our major focus and is assured because our insert is made of the most popular seeds in this area. Flaxseed is made of 30% oil, which remains in the seeds even when it is warmed or cooled many times. It will conform and embrace your body, providing pleasurable, natural warmth.

Since flaxseed is an herbal flower seed, when heated, a flaxseed wrap can retain for up to 40 mins, depending on the product type. The benefits from the heat retention provides

* Moist heat that allows healing 

* Improves blood circulation

* Relieves muscle tension

* Alleviate joint pain

Organic Dried Lavender

The Lavender flower has been used to make medicine for years. It is the most relaxing herb out there and does it ever smell lovely. It promotes peaceful sleep and relieves muscle tension. It also aids in relieving insomnia, anxiety and depression. It is used to relieve all types of pain and headaches. 

While Lavender aromatherapy can help you sleep and elevate your mood, it also has other benefits such as:

* Soother migraines and headaches

* Calm nerves and alleviate stress

* Reduces anxiety 

* Relieves muscle tension

dried lavender.jpg


Fabric Cover is made-up of 100% cotton. It is the most recommended type that retains heat the most. 

Usage and Application Benefits


Hot Therapy

Cold Therapy

Wrap in towel tissue to avoid contamination and pop into microwave, repeat recommended timing until desired heat is reached. 

  • For Head and eye - 30seconds

  • For wraps - 1 minute

Recommended Usage:

  • Arthritis

  • Menstrual Cramps

  • Muscle Pain / Cramps

  • Stiff Shoulder

  • Back Ache

Put in zip lock and put in the freezer for at least an hour. Best to leave whole day and enjoy the therapy after work.




​Recommended Usage:

  • Headache and Migraine

  • Inflamed Muscles

  • Sprains or Strains

  • Toothache

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